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"I had the privilege of studying conducting under Jeffrey Klefstad, and I can confidently say that he is an exceptional mentor and orchestral conductor. His dedication to the craft and passion for music is evident in every class. His ability to communicate his artistic vision and inspire me to give my best was truly remarkable. He guided me with precision and expertise, shaping the nuances of each piece. What sets Jeffrey apart is his attention to detail and commitment to musical excellence. His insightful feedback and guidance helped me refine my skills and develop a deeper understanding of the music I conducted. His expertise, passion, and commitment to excellence have shaped me as a musician. I am grateful for the opportunity to learn from such a phenomenal orchestral conductor and will carry the lessons I've learned with me throughout my musical journey."

Sheila Del Bosque Fuentes
Flutist | Conductor | Composer. Haynes Artist Performing & Clinician
Boston, MA

"Through his extensive knowledge and the effort he puts into his lessons, Jeffrey has been inspiring me since I began taking lessons with him. His dedication and preparation make his lessons efficient and always very interesting. Our work on conducting technique, as well as thorough analysis of the repertoire, have given me a good basis in conducting. I feel extremely lucky to be studying with such a wonderful musician."

Maya H.S.
éal, QC

"For a long time, I have had a passion to study orchestral conducting but I needed some coaching from a mentor like Jeffrey. His teaching allowed me to understand: form, tonality, rhythm and musical intent. It is these skills that Jeffrey brought to his lessons that allowed me to be confident and be myself on the podium.  Some movements I had come to memorize with his teaching because I understood the form so well that I could focus on the performance of the orchestra."

Andre Thouin
co-founder of Conservatoire de musique de la Monteregie
Brass Coach for OSCM
réal, QC

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